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Orgon’s Blinds and Shading Products

Orgon is the largest company in Israel for the production and marketing of decorative blinds and shading products. Orgon has been active since 1972. It offers the best products and innovation in the field of blinds, drapes and shading products for both homes and offices.

Orgon’s advisors and designers provide consultation free of charge and offer customers the most suitable product for them, from a variety of over 20 shading products and dozens of blinds and drapes (Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Sun Strip, Roman blinds, etc.). Orgon’s blinds can be purchased in the Company’s main showrooms or from the leading decorators.

One of Orgon’s unique features is the fact that most of its products are made here in Israel by the parent company “Holis”, which is a world leading corporation for blinds and shading products. 90% of Holis’s products are exported abroad. It is based in the north, in a plant with an area of 40 dunam. It holds standard mark ISO 9002, which allows Orgon to enjoy the highest production quality and innovation as well as available technical support.

In addition to technological primacy on the production floor, Orgon enjoys a number of advantages making it a nationwide leader in the production and marketing of blinds and shading products. To remain updated in all fashion novelties and up-to-date trends, the Company operates an R&D Division to follow the new trends of modern interior decoration. Concurrently it develops new and fashionable models, which can be combined with all types of domestic furniture and spaces. For example, you may order a Venetian blind out of 350 hues, or try to decide which of the 300 types of blind fabrics would express your own style. The absolute majority of Orgon’s products are supplied with an option of electric operation, making the blind’s use as easy as a push of a button. Each Orgon’s blind is provided to the customer after extremely careful quality tests and compliance with international standardization.

Orgon is not only Israel’s leading company for blinds and shading products but has also helped “educate” the Israeli market, including designers, decorators, architects and end consumers, on the importance of handling apertures in the house. Orgon’s ability to match a blind to each type of aperture has significantly altered the way professionals perceive the importance of shading products.

Orgon’s styling and technological primacy is complemented by a sales and service layout. Orgon provides professional consultation free of charge, with no strings attached, at the customer’s home or office, short supply times, custom-made solutions, special products, advice on energy saving, and escorting the customer as early as the architectural design stags.