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About Orgon

  • Orgon has been active in the local market since 1972. Orgon is the largest company in Israel for the manufacture and marketing of decorative shading products. We manufacture the best products and present top-notch innovations in the field of blinds, shades and shading products for the house and the office.
    The parent company’s plant, “Holis”, is located in the north over an area of 10 acres. It is among the largest companies worldwide in this line of business, making use of cutting-edge technology. Holis is authorized for ISO 9002, allowing it to export 90% of its produce across five continents.
    Orgon operates nationwide by sales persons and authorized dealers. Our vision is to optimally combine effective shading solutions with designed and stylish look. Therefore Orgon offers its customers consultation with no obligation. The products are custom-made.
    In order to be constantly updated with all fashion novelties, the company has an R&D department to follow the new trends in modern interior decoration and concurrently develop new and fashionable models, which can be integrated and combined with every type of furniture. Orgon’s range of products is extremely wide, and each of the products can be obtained in a spectrum of colors. There are 350 hues of Venetian blinds, 300 fabrics and fabric hues, 150 roller blinds, etc.
    Delivery times are short, the variety of products is wide, the quality of products is high, and the level of consultation and service is professional. They are all advantages Orgon has in finding shading solutions, making it a world leader in this line of business.