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Duette is the best-selling blind in Europe.

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Energy Saving

Everybody knows that blinds are intended to filter the light. Orgon’s Duette blind has significant thermal insulation. Duette’s unique beehive design and fabric composition will decrease your air-conditioning expenses in the summer and heating expenses in winter.

Acoustic Insulation

Duette blind has a unique beehive-like structure creating spaces between fabric layers. This special design is extremely effective in muffling noises and creates excellent acoustic insulation.

Total Blackout

Duette blind is the most effective product for complete blackout.
It is recommended to install the Duette blackout blind in bedrooms and projection rooms.


Orgon’s experts will create for you a product to perfectly match your unique niche.
Duette is an excellent solution for trapezoidal, triangular or non-square windows and openings.