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  • Are the blinds and shading products supplied with a warranty? What is its validity?

    Orgon’s products are manufactured according to the highest standards and undergo meticulous quality control. The warranty period given to each of our products is 12 months.

    How do you clean the drapes?

    Each type of blind, drape or shading product has its unique cleaning method. For example, Venetian blinds are cleaned with a feather brush; the Roman blind needs dry cleaning, etc. We recommend that you consult with one of our interior decorators or service personnel to understand what the easiest most convenient way to clean the product is.

    How do you paint the aluminum slats of the Venetian blind?

    The blind slats are painted in the oven at high temperature. This process guarantees a long-term durable paint, which will not fade prematurely.

    Which wood is the Venetian blind made of?

    The Venetian blind slats are made of wood called Frassinette which is strong and relatively lightweight or Fine Wood of a parquet-paving hue.

    Is it possible to assemble the products myself (DIY – do it yourself)?

    A customer who orders blinds without installation will pick them up from the store. The installation does not require training or special qualification, but it does required accuracy and technical skill. In any way, we recommend approaching us prior to any installation for advice or instructions, even when you wish to install the blind or shading product by yourselves.

    Are the blinds manufactured in Israel?

    Orgon is proud to be the leading company in Israel in everything relating to blinds, drapes and shading products. One of the advantages is our ability to manufacture the products ourselves at the highest levels of accuracy and finishing. The Company’s plant is located in Alon Tavor industrial zone, over an area of 70dunam and is considered a large and advanced plant by any scale. The raw materials for our products are purchased in Israel or imported from abroad. Some of our products are exported to international markets, further testifying the high standards we comply with.

    Are the Venetian blinds made of plastic?

    Orgon’s Venetian blinds are made of aluminum, wood or foamed polystyrene, according to the customer’s needs and/or production options. The most widespread blind is the Venetian blind with aluminum slats.

    Is it possible to wash fabric drapes?

    Some of our fabrics can be washed. Please consult with the Company’s representatives for instructions concerning the type of fabric you have.

    Does Orgon have laundry services?

    Orgon does not provide laundry services to its products.

    Does the blackout blind provide full blackout?

    The blackout blind is so called because the material used completely blocks the sunrays. However, with blinds and shading products it is extremely difficult to create total blackout, because every product lets in a certain amount of light and does not hermetically seal the space.

    What is the extent of pulling a fold curtain aside?

    A fold curtain can be pulled aside and collected according to the length of the deployed curtain. The wider the curtain and the greater the extent of pleating, the more the can be collected.

    Does every product have a valance?

    As a leader of the aesthetic revolution in window styling, Orgon makes sure its products are optimally finished. Many of our products have a valance of “housing” which conceals the top section, as part of a styling concept that is specifically suitable for the product.

    Are there motors which can be manually operated in case of a power interruption (outage)?

    Yes, there are motors for pulling curtains, which can be manually operated if required.

    When you say “shading”, what do you mean?

    Shading is partial blockage of the light by an object or objects positioned between the observer and the light source (sun, lamp, etc.). In the world of blinds, drapes, curtains, this term relates to changing the amount of light coming into the room as a result of using the shading product.

    Do the blinds reduce the amount of incoming heat?

    When sunbeams penetrate the room through the window, a heat wave is created between the glass and the curtain. This way, in fact, the curtain serves as a line of defense preventing the heat wave from spreading directly from the window to the room space.

    Which blind enables transparency outwardly and lack of transparency inwardly all day long (24hr)?

    Inward or outward transparency depends on the amount of light in each side (inside or outside). There is no product from which you can see outside in any situation.

    How is the cost of the blind calculated?

    Calculation of the blind’s cost is based on the type of fabric or the product, the surface area required to cover the window (by square meters), and on various additions such as crystals or the blind’s operation type (electric, manual, interface with a smart home system).

    Does Orgon have ready-made blinds?

    Orgon does not have ready-made blinds. Orgon keeps raw materials from which it makes the blind, according to the customer’s request. All the products are custom-made.

    Is there a color catalog in Orgon’s website?

    The Rooms & Trends Module in Orgon’s website provides a general idea as to the range of colors, but it is only the first step on the way to choose the correct color for your room and window. In order to make a wise and accurate decision, we will present to you the entire spectrum of possible product colors and hues, to make sure we have chosen the perfect one for you.

    Does Orgon have products which are suitable for homes as well or only for offices?

    Orgon manufactures its products according to the customer’s requirements. Our guideline is to match the product to your styling, decoration and taste, your lighting needs and every applied implication the blind should have at either the home or the office. We have a wide selection of products to match different types of windows and interesting, diversified and innovative design and styling possibilities. There is a variety of operation options at your disposal and a huge variety of styles. You tell us where you want the blind and our decorators will be more than happy and capable to tailor just the right product for you.

    Are Orgon’s products considered expensive?

    Orgon’s products are made in Israel. We are proud of the variety of products and the quality of the finished product, successfully competing with the European market. We are constantly working on new developments and careful about product quality as part of our organizational culture. The large number of selections and options makes it possible to come up with numerous solutions – from the aspect of both the product and the price. Orgon does not compromise on raw materials or compliance with environmental standards or requirements of architects. It is also uncompromising in finding the blind to match your taste and budget.

    Does Orgon have electric blinds?

    Every Orgon product can be made with an option for electrical operation. Orgon can match the products to electric operations with quality motors and either wired or wireless (radio) control systems.

    How long does it take to manufacture a blind?

    The manufacture time depends on the complexity of the blind, the quantity and the material type. Orgon’s plant is divided to departments according to the different materials, such as fabrics/aluminum/dye/paint, etc. The products are not standard shelf products. Each blind is manufactured according to the customer’s order spec, and the production takes place in several plant departments of different types of expertise. On production completion, the blind or shading product undergoes strict quality tests, then packaging and transportation to the customer’s address. Supply times range between 14 and 60 days (in cases where the raw materials have been ordered from abroad).

    Does Orgon install the products?

    Orgon has an installation team specializing in installation of blinds. The Service & Installation Department will schedule the installation with you in advance.

    What is an Anti-Sun?

    Anti-sun is a material glued on the window’s glass in order to reduce the amount of energy (heat) entering the room. The anti-sun, which screens UV radiation, helps prevent the discoloration of chairs, tables and other products directly hit by sunbeams. There are several types of anti-sun in the market. It is important to make sure that the raw material is durable, strong and professionally installed – otherwise there are likely to be bubbles on the glass and the product will peel off within a short period of time.