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  • Who is having an affair in the house?

    Soft garishness, flowers, butterflies and angels are part of the motifs turning a design item into a romantic element. Orgon has decided to take the concept of “romantic design” even further and let you “play” with as many fabrics and accessories as possible to create your own definition of “romance”.

    Still, romance has a few rules as well. Although our designers and decorators encounter all types of romantics, there is no doubt that the dreamy, pastel colors like sky blue, beige, pink and yellow will give the blind its desirable look.

    As a whole, the keyword in the romantic trend is softness. You can achieve it by choosing a soft color for the blind, or ensure it softly lets light in. If you wish to have a dreamy atmosphere in the bedroom, you may use a soft Roman blind or Silhouette blind, which allow greater control of the incoming light and will provide just the right amount of dreaminess.

    Another element with which you can run wild is the fabric’s texture and the way it deploys. Softness, as you have already noticed, is the name of the game.

    Modern styling – independent trend

    Since the modern period has already lasted for over 70 years, it is hard to accurately define modern design.

    This year, Orgon’s decorators characterize the modern line with strong colors like red, orange and black in the fabric blinds, or the shading products like the Venetian, the Silhouette and the Panels.

    It is also worth handling the wall in the blind’s area with special plaster or glass chips (glitters), to provide glare and integrate gorgeously with the right blind.

    Other recommendations are blinds with clean stitching, use of grey eyelet headings and combining two products on the same window – for greater depth and stronger presence.

    For those who prefer a more modern and cleaner look, it is recommended to play with black and white combinations and pay attention to the desirable shading created in the room. The extent of shading will affect the general level of garishness and glare inside the room.

    Bring nature in through the window

    The natural trend has always been popular, and it is currently increasing due to green tendencies and the longing to return to nature.

    You can create a natural feeling in the living room by using natural materials such as linen, cotton and wild silk; or natural materials like bamboo, wood and straw.

    Orgon’s wood collection includes wood-like products or products made of Indonesian wood (Frassinette). They go extremely well with the home’s natural look, or turn a cold and modern living room into a warm and cozy one. The fine-wood is another type of blind with wooden slats, of a strong natural look and wood “eyes”.

    Correct stitching of the fabric will enhance the natural look in fabric blinds. If you wish to go even further, we can add to the roller blinds prints relating natural looks like flowers, stems, etc.

    Classical solution to the classical trend

    For those who like classics and timelessness (and frankly, who doesn’t like everlasting designs?) Orgon offers an interesting and unique variety of shading solutions, because after all, classic is a private thing.

    As far as hues are concerned, the spectrum is wide and includes the off-white, beige and gray at one end and the Bordeaux, purple and blue at the other, to provide the blind with a more dominant look.

    As with other trends reviewed in this website, a classical style can also be achieved by combining a semi-transparent blind at the front with a sealed blind of strong garishness at the back. The use of blinds with strips and decorations will also add a classical touch.

    Less is more – the minimalist look

    It started with the first Westerns who returned from Japan, later became part of the philosophy advocating usefulness, and reached its peak today, namely – more and more people prefer less and less.

    Naturally, the minimalist fashion did not skip blinds, drapes and windows, which can easily enhance the minimalist feeling in the room. The hues of bright white, off-white and light grey will also inspire placidity on the beholder. The use of mirrors opposite the blind increases the perceived space of the room and the sense of cleanliness and minimalism.

    For those who do not wish to look like a pharmacy or a lab, it is recommended to add touches of black or purple to the blind, to nicely “break” the bright surface. Blinds that go well with the minimalist trend are the aluminum Venetian, the Sun Strip with the slightly Japanese look, the plain roller blinds, the Silhouette and some of the vertical blinds. The Panel blind alongside a low table and straw mats can also make you feel like you are in a Samurai mansion where less is more.

    Fabric blinds that take the maximum out of the minimum, which are recommended by our decorators are the Classical Roman, clean-stitching triple pleated drapes (waves, eyelet heading or banana). It is generally not customary here to combine prints on the fabrics, in order to leave the field of vision clear.

    How to add to your life

    The days when dramatic and highly emotional design was the domain of fans of Gothics or European style are over. Today you can find dramatic elements that provide color, specialty and power to the space in almost every Israeli home.

    The blind, because it takes a large space and draws attention, is a central element, which can easily turn the most regular-looking space into a diversified, interesting and rich environment.

    Orgon has a wide collection of fabric blinds, which have been carefully selected from the best manufacturers worldwide and reflect the updated most stylish trends. A fabric drape is an easy and convenient way to enrich the house with a dramatic look. Orgon’s designers and decorators have chosen for you a variety of fabrics with decorations, interesting prints and strong colors. Satin or velvet themselves bring a strong statement therefore they are used by many to obtain a dramatic look.

    Special and conspicuous stitching like “banana” will dramatize your drape in the living room or bedroom. Another way to create a unique look is combine a number of products on the same window, or “play” with metal or wooden accessories around the blind to create contrast and enhance the desirable effect.

    New Middle East

    Curtains slowly blowing in the breeze, caressing sunbeams: Our Middle Eastern location is a great opportunity to bring some sun and a sense of freedom and blue sky into the house.

    The many hours of sun in our country require that we carefully choose a blind which will not only increase the sense of being Mediterranean but will also maintain a comfortable temperature in the house and regulate the incoming light.

    As far as colors are concerned, the sky is the limit – and so is generally the classical Mediterranean direction. Turquoise-like hues, sky blue and deep blue can quickly induce the desirable atmosphere. Sandy and white colors of the drape can also provide the joyous atmosphere of a Green tavern.

    From the aspect of materials, it is recommended to use light fabrics or materials, transparent or semi-transparent fabrics, cotton with patterns (like stripes), triple-pleated drapes with voile fabrics, cotton fabrics, chiffon, etc.

    21st Century Styling

    The world of design, decoration and styling is open and abundant with numerous trends and content worlds from different disciplines. Thus, as the Japanese minimalist style came from eastern Asia into the mainstream in the West, so the Silicon Valley’s culture and the IPod generation have reached the windows and blinds of Israeli homes.

    The hi-tech style, therefore, is inspired by the modern, clean work environment and always corresponds with the future or with what we think about the future.

    To introduce a bit of a modern atmosphere to the house, you are welcome to explore the possibility of using aluminum shading products, such as the Perforated Venetian, or try metallic colors and bright whites. The vertical blind, roller blinds of suitable colors and Sun Strip blind in blue-grey would provide the desirable sensation.

    Those who prefer not only smart and advanced styling but also smart usefulness, may order our motorized systems or interface the blind’s operation with a smart home system.

    Countryside Styling

    The countryside styling has undergone many changes in recent years, but mainly from the aspect of material types. The nature of the blind’s rural look has remained unchanged – to provide that same warm and pleasant feeling of simple life of old days, with the fresh smell of soil after rain.

    Complementary accessories such as valances, wooden bar rails, adding valances in Roman stitching – may complete the rural look.

    Naturally, where shading products are concerned, the wooden Venetian will provide an authentic rural look, as well as the Mikado, the roller blinds in natural texture and the Silhouette.


    The design here is of special and sophisticated style by combining contrasting materials and colors.

    For example, walls painted in warm colors like orange, red, dark grey, purple, and integrated with drapes of large patterns such as wide stripes and big decorations in cold garishness; combining the countryside and the hi-tech styles.

    The suitable drapes here would be: eyelet heading and triple pleated drapes on poles with combined fabrics and borders.

    Combined shadings such as: Roman, Roller Duet, Silhouette and Mikado with eyelet heading and triple pleated drapes on the same aperture.